Dual Degree (3+2) Engineering FAQ’s

How do I know if this dual degree program is right for me?
The five year dual degree program is intended for students who wish to combine liberal arts studies with their science and technical interests. Upon entering the program, you should have a strong math and science pedigree. In addition, as with any major or academic program, you should review the course listing, details and overall requirements to best determine if this is the right program for you. Instead of the 5 year dual degree program, many students elect to pursue a degree from either the College of Arts & Science (CAS) or the Tandon School of Engineering (SoE), and often attain minors in other areas of interest. Others have transferred between schools once they have found their strengths and passion. All three approaches have their benefits, and allow you to ultimately find the right fit for you.

How do I enter the dual degree program?
As an incoming CAS freshman applicant, you may indicate interest on your college application. You may also inquire about the program during freshman orientation or your first semester of study. Only select sophomores may enter the program. The program is for CAS students only.

How do I enter the program as a transfer student?
At this time, the dual degree program does not accept transfer students for admissions.

How do I receive credit for my AP and other exams?
AP and exam credits are awarded according to CAS Bulletin and AP credit policy. Dependent on their major, students may be required to take courses even if they have AP credit, e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

How do I leave the dual degree program?
You simply notify your CAS academic and major advisor of your intent to leave the program. Please note that you will need to pursue and complete a CAS major and complete the Core Curriculum, which includes foreign language requirements. In the past, students have gone on to complete their CAS portion of the dual degree and graduated in 4 years, but this is not guaranteed.

How do I declare or change my dual degree major?
If you applied as a freshman through the admissions process your major will automatically be indicated and declared. Changing or declaring your major at a later date will require consulting the CAS Associate Director of Engineering. The dual degree major will be finalized during students’ sophomore year.

Can I live in the Brooklyn residence halls?
Yes, dual degree and all NYU students are welcome to consider living on campus in any of NYU’s many residence halls, including both Manhattan and Brooklyn residence Halls.

How do I get to the NYU Brooklyn Campus?
Students are welcome to utilize the university’s shuttle service or access one of the numerous trains located near both campuses (i.e. A, C, F, R, 2, 3, 4, 5)

How do I receive an academic adviser? How does academic advising work?
All CAS students will be assigned an adviser upon entry into the College of Arts & Science. This adviser will assist you in registration during your first two years at NYU. As a first-year student, you will participate in the College Cohort Program. During your second and third year, you will be primarily advised by your CAS major academic adviser. For your final two years, you will transition to a full time Tandon School of Engineering student and be advised by your SoE major adviser.

Am I able to pursue the pre-health track and medical school while enrolled in the dual degree program?
Yes, the biology and chemistry programs would be the best suited for students interested in completing pre-health requirements.

Do we have to complete the CAS Core Curriculum requirements? Foreign Language?
Yes. You must complete the CAS Core Curriculum requirements as well as Humanities/Social Science (Hu/SS) courses required for the Tandon General Education requirement. The exceptions from the CAS Core is the Foreign Language requirement, and a reduced Hu/SS course load. Your math and science requirements will be satisfied by courses required for the program. If you are interested in pursuing a foreign language, please note that it will be utilized to satisfy free elective requirements in your program. Note, if you leave the program and remain in CAS, you will then have to complete the foreign language requirement.

Are there engineering and science organizations I could be a part of and join?
Yes. You’re welcome to participate in the organizations listed on our program page in addition to departmental, university and CAS clubs. There are many ways to get involved on campus.

How does graduation work for students in this program?
After you complete the requirements of the dual degree program you will be awarded diplomas from both NYU’s College of Arts & Science and Tandon School of Engineering. As such, you are eligible to attend both graduation ceremonies.

Is the program required to be completed in 5 years?
The program is designed to ideally be completed in 5 years. Due to its linear and somewhat rigid structure some students may have to utilize summer sessions to catch up or expedite their degree progress. Students often maximize their summer experience by attaining internships or research opportunities while taking summer classes.

What are career options for people pursuing the dual degree program?
Students who complete the dual degree program may consider a variety of fields. The Wasserman Center is an exceptional resource for employment opportunities. Students are also encouraged to consult with their departmental advisers and faculty mentors to discuss career options.